My name is Tamera Pillay. I am an alumna of The University of Georgia as a Public Affairs Journalism major within the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I enjoy writing of all types and magnitudes. My goal in writing is to approach it with a light heart and quiet humor, but if I’m lucky, uproarious humor.

Through Grady, and my other classes at the University of Georgia, I have gained great skills. I constantly work to improve myself and my writing both professionally and creatively, which is why I pursued completing the Writing Certificate and the New Media Certificate at UGA.

Upon graduating, I lived in Verona, Italy, teaching English, experienced a new culture and struggled to survive. I ‘got my life’ and learned to cook with the help of my wonderful Italian roommates. I posted a little on my blog while there. So check that out for a little more insight into my travels and experiences.

When I reflect on my childhood, I remember that I always enjoyed entertaining those around me and capturing their attention. I want to work with all kinds of media-news, television, film, to do just that.

Currently I work at a government contracting company that I really love, but I am interested in pursuing my creative passions part-time and eventually full-time. Creativity is the crowbar to the soul.


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A taste of my life every time I have the desire to publically talk to myself.
It’s Tamera, like you don’t know.

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